My Trip
The author
Name: Christopher Hudson    
Age: Classified
College: Michigan State University
Major: History
Favorite Book: Breaking 90 with Johnny Miller
Favorite Movie: Viva Las Vegas
Favorite Quote: What me worry?
Favorite Color: Plaid

Log Cabin

Goals and Objectives

  1. 1.Peace on earth

  2. 2.Goodwill toward men

  3. 3.A chicken in every pot

My Books

Northern Cross





Courting Lucrezia

Penelope and the Space Otter

Other Projects

Essence of Performance

My Life

Will play for food.
My other life: Aerial M
Not sure why this is here, butI spent many hours in front of the family’s Admiral TV watching shows like this.
Early attempt at a cover for Headwind.
Version of NC cover that appears on Kindle.
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